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Chairman's Message
“A major reason for our success is that we provide personal attention to each of our clients and have learned to be very flexible. We work with the community leaders where our developments are located to identify the best ways to accommodate the specific needs of residents and businesses, as well as the broad range of target oriented goals.”

Mirwais Azizi, Chairman, Azizi Developments

It was 1989, when the seeds for present day Azizi Holding (so called Azizi Group) were sown. Starting with a humble beginning, the group now boasts of its modern day repertoire. Infrastructure, banking and energy are three critical ingredients vital to the growth of any economy. We have steadfastly been foraying into these sectors with significant success through it various subsidiaries. At the heart of the company’s strength lie its strong planning, design and management capabilities. Hand-picked talent from across the globe has been selected to develop the company’s strong presence in all areas of operations.


We have always maintained that we need to build systems, support communities and empower them through innovation and knowledge. Each member of the team shares and supports this vision to work closely with consumers of our products and services in expanding their lives beyond what they feel is currently possible. We like to challenge existing paradigms, identify new choices available, and incorporate constant learning in our functioning.


Pushing the limits as we say is our driving force to open fresher vistas and scale newer heights in everything that we do; the limits could be cultural, social, political, geographical or just personal beliefs. A dream is indeed the starting point.