Azizi Developments makes property donation to Waqf

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Azizi Developments makes property donation to Waqf
Azizi Developments makes property donation to Waqf

The leading developer has given prime real estate to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments, as part of an initiative launched under the patronage of the Dubai Land Department and represented by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, to promote the longevity of humanitarian efforts and cater to community needs

Dubai, 3 May 2023: Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, has donated real estate to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments ( The property was given to Waqf, a religious endowment through which contributors make permanent donations for shariah compliant projects, such as mosques and religious schools. The yields of the property, which will be rented out by the organization, will be used to promote knowledge transfer and acts of righteousness and piety, to help orphans and less fortunate people, and to enhance healthcare, social welfare, and community service. 

Mr. Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, commented: “Our philanthropic efforts are prioritized based not only on our personal values, but also on our company ethos, and in-depth impact assessments. We are proud to be contributing property to Waqf, with it being one of the most impactful endowments, the yields of which will contribute to various philanthropic realms, from education to healthcare and beyond, helping those who need it most. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to contribute to charitable causes to the best of our abilities. With the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, we encourage participation to ensure a happier, healthier tomorrow for all.”

Waqf, in the Arabic language, means to stop, contain, or preserve. Through Waqf funds, facilities for knowledge are built and the necessary means of operation are provided, acts of piety and goodness are promoted, orphans and less fortunate individuals are provided with basic needs in line with the principles of solidarity and compassion, clinics and hospitals are built and equipped, the outbreak of diseases and epidemics are countered, and social and humanitarian services are sponsored.

The announcement comes in light of Azizi’s diverse philanthropic efforts across sustainability, social inclusion, equality, and global health, among others.  

Recently, Azizi has doubled its contribution to the One Billion Meals initiative to AED 100 million, making its donation the largest of all. The One Billion Meals initiative is a social movement driven by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that is purposed to curb global hunger in underserved communities.

In Dubai, Azizi Developments has a very wide-ranging and diverse CSR plan covering everything from sporting event sponsorships, with it being a pillar partner of the Dubai World Cup, sustainability, equality, and health, all the way to the developer partnering with - and making substantial donations to - various social inclusion facilities, including the Rashid Centre for the Determined Ones, the Dubai Autism Center, and the Special Needs Future Development Center.

On a global level, Azizi is building a cancer center, a hospital, a dialysis center, and the largest orphanage in Afghanistan. Education is also of high importance to the developer with it granting scholarships to students in Afghanistan. Moreover, every Ramadan, Azizi is distributing 1.5m food parcels across Afghanistan, along with tents and personal hygiene products. 

Azizi Developments’ Sales Gallery can be visited on the 13th floor of the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.