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5 Tips for a Home Makeover

“Same old, same old,” you think as you look around in your living room. It has looked the same ever since you moved in, and even though it looks good, it seems boring after all those years, but worse – it feels boring.

So, if this is the case, continue reading to discover 5 tips for a home makeover that will refresh your place and how you feel! After all, there’s nothing better than a comfortable, cozy and attractive home.

5 Home Makeover Ideas 

Home makeovers are as exciting as they seem in movies, but to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the process, read the below tips to help you have a clear vision of what you should do.

  1. Change the Layout of the Furniture

This is an easy and common way of giving your home a makeover. This will also help you save money, especially if you plan on investing in your home makeover in other aspects, such as lighting (more on this later).

Rearrange your furniture by yourself or with your family over the weekend and experiment with new layouts. This will renew the look and feel of your home with the same furniture, which you might be keen on keeping, especially if it is of good quality and in good condition.

A new furniture layout will allow you to explore new additions your home may need and determine what pieces of furniture and home decor can be donated to find a new home.

2. Change the Lighting

The lighting is an element that can either make or break the entire home makeover you are working on. Lighting helps set whatever atmosphere you want for different occasions; think family dinners, parties, romantic dates at home, and even study time.

Look for the areas in your home where you can add a simple and elegant chandelier and for the corners that can use an overhead lamp or those desks that need table lamps.

In addition to adding different styles of lamps here and there, you should consider changing the light bulbs within the current light fixtures, especially if some light bulbs give off a harsh or bright light, which can hurt your eyes and make you uncomfortable.  

When buying new light bulbs, keep in mind to get energy-efficient ones!

3. Add a Personal Touch

When getting new home decor and remodeling your home, think of how you can make it personal. After all, you want a home that looks the way you want but also feels like yours.

Maybe you have a hobby of collecting toys, vinyl records, comic books, dolls or vintage tableware. Think of how you can show off your collection in your space and how you can incorporate it into your decor.

If you do not own any of the above collections, you surely have many photographs of yourself, friends and family that can make up a beautiful personal memory wall.

4. Add Home Plants

Adding greenery to your home gives it a refreshing sense and look, and it softens the atmosphere, making it more welcoming and nature-like. If you struggle with anxiety and stress, having some plants around can help soothe your senses and mind.

When choosing your home plants, consider their future placement at your home, their daily care methods and maintenance routines. Go for home plants that do not require much effort to keep well, so you do not add to your list of responsibilities.

If you have pets at home, make sure you buy plants that are not poisonous.

5. Remodeling with Wallpaper

Making changes to the walls of your home elevates it to a whole new level of elegance. They are as crucial as home decor and furniture.

So, see if you want new wallpaper or if you’d rather paint your walls a different color. Look into the different colors, shades, and designs and choose what you see fits best with the vision you have in your mind.

You can also hang artefacts and paintings to make the walls more interesting. However, make sure not to overload your walls, and keep some space between each piece and the other, so each one of them gets observed, seen and admired fully!

Follow the above tips to elevate your luxurious home to a new level of elegance and comfort! If, for any reason, you feel like these tips are not enough to refresh your home, and you are in need of a fresh start, you may need to consider moving to a new place.

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