Stepping into a remarkable new era: Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments is a leading real estate and lifestyle developer in Dubai, UAE. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has successfully developed and delivered thousands of properties across a variety of prime locations in Dubai.

Years passed, the company grew from strength to strength, as did this city of dreams – Dubai.

Today, we stand at the threshold of a new era. A phase that will witness gigantic transformations, revolutionary projects, and mind-blowing ideas. And to up the game as we step into it, we are embracing an all-new look that’s Bigger, Bolder, and Better than before.

So here we go, embracing the change but always holding strong onto our roots. This time, we will not just do it, but rather go BEYOND the expected.

Our Logo – A Timeless Design

You are perhaps familiar with the proud Azizi logo, the five bars with AZIZI written alongside that seem to pop around Dubai every now and then. Well, since we all are so familiar with it, it is here to stay. Because things seldom come perfectly designed in our lives, and our logo is one of them. So, the logo remains untouched but ever so young.

As a family, we’ve spent decades mastering our craft, creating and developing great homes and communities. We’ve lived by our values of putting people first and always doing the right thing. We’ve supported the ever-growing vision of Dubai’s great leaders. Each bar in the logo thus points to the greater values that we look up to. It indicates our integrity, meticulous quality, positive impact, and bold imagination.

This is a phase where we open up even more opportunities for even more people, where we bring better into reach: better homes, better neighborhoods, better lives.

Together, we’re better.

Elevating Our Visual Language

A Soft Palette with Splashes of Color

The colors are getting more vibrant– into their younger and livelier versions. The newly introduced pastel shades will keep our visual communications soft yet always maintaining the colorful and dynamic personality that we own.

Instead of sticking to a single color, we have opted for a palette of different colors to reflect our dazzling array of projects. Our projects cater to the requirements of the miscellaneous populace of the city, ranging from cozy studios to lavishly spaced apartments. Our communities are themselves a riot of colors, contoured by the blue of flowing waters, the refreshing green of the rich foliage, the vibrant colors of flora, and neutral earthy shades that evoke a sense of connection with nature.

The Magic of Impactful Writing

Bringing in the right balance to the soft colorfulness is the new robust and bold font that is here to create a long-lasting impact in the minds of the readers. With a language and grammar that is easy to understand and a tone that is warm, inclusive, and welcoming, we are ready to take up the communication with full confidence, passion, and positivity. We will always make sure to stay authentic and truthful while leaving enough room for care and consideration to demonstrate our commitment to our customers.

Powerful Visuals – A Portal to Our Reality

As a real estate developer, one can only imagine how much we rely on visual communication. Therefore, we make sure to produce visuals that are mirror images of the reality we create. We are determined to design and build comfortable living spaces; hence, we place people at the heart of everything we do, which is why our studio portraits are images that show the warm connection between people and their homes. Another section of visuals has been dedicated to showing details – on-site macro photos highlighting our impeccable craftsmanship. Finally, to offer customers a virtual representation of our projects, we have the renders.

There’s Always More Room for Creativity

The five bars in our logo can be associated with various attributes of Azizi. Hence, we have decided to keep it versatile and flexible, creating more room for imagination and thought.

Wherever it appears, it bears our promise of going beyond expectations.

The hero stripes will continue to be ideally used for brand-level creative communications. The stripes are synonymous with the values we uphold and our growth in the industry. It will be artfully used in our visual communication elements to connect us to our people, connect our homes to its proud residents, and also our quality to their satisfaction.

Opening doors to new perspectives, we have created the new rotated and elongated version of the hero stripes – the vertical lines that represent our iconic tower developments. Their elongated structure further reflects our potential to grow and our ambitious endeavors.

Accentuating our holistic approach that fuels the symbiotic relationship we share across our team, our customers, and our projects, we have introduced the third version – apparently an aesthetic fusion of the aforementioned two. A new addition, the checkered tiles, are set to represent the interconnectivity of our master developments and communities.

What’s Coming Up?

We have a lot of exciting projects coming up in the near future. Watch out for the world’s second tallest tower by Azizi, coming up on the renowned Sheikh Zayed Road. This iconic structure is sure to stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

In addition to this monumental skyscraper, we are embarking on the development of a pioneering master-planned community in the thriving Dubai South area.

And what’s more, we are also stepping into the hospitality sector, with the launch of fifty 5-star hotels and one 7-star hotel. Isn’t that amazing?

Before your jaws drop, that is not all. In the coming years, we aim to broaden our reach by extending into other countries around the world. We plan to open our office in the UK and commence projects that would bring out the Azizi brilliance in the heart of London. This will be followed by the same in France, Germany, and other major European countries, later venturing further into the USA, Australia, and Canada.

And yes, the future looks bright indeed!

Change is Growth

We are all part of a dynamic city led by a truly visionary leader, and it is such a joy to grow and evolve with it.

Our CEO, Farhad Azizi, is equally excited about the rebranding,

“The rebranding process was done in a very inclusive manner. There was a lot of thought put into it. It did not happen overnight. Now you’re going to see the change. And to make it successful, we have to take it in and make it our own. That’s absolutely the way forward.”

We have always been a strong team together. It is our cohesive effort that has led to our growth. We are forever evolving into our better versions – be it our font, our thoughts, our projects, or our employees. We are forever evolving and expanding our horizons.

We are proud Azizians. And this is the beginning of an exciting new phase!