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Doing Business in Meydan Free Zone

Are you eager to turn your business ideas into a reality or grow your current one? Well, Dubai is the right place for you. The emirate welcomes international investors with free zones that offer businesses many advantages found nowhere else.

Read below to discover what a free zone is, the advantages of starting a business in one of Dubai’s free zones, and what benefits you reap if you do business in Meydan free zone.

What is a Free Zone?

Dubai is a safe haven for international investors, thanks to free zones. They are designated economic areas that encourage international investors to start companies and businesses by giving them the right to 100% ownership.

With Dubai’s free zones, doing business abroad is just as welcoming and beneficial as it is in your home country!

Full ownership has been a driving factor in Dubai’s success in the business world ever since establishing the first free zone in the UAE in the 1980s, and it can be the driving factor of your business’ success as well!

Dubai free zones welcome you to join their dynamic operations and ecosystem of business owners, employees, services and trade, so your business thrives overseas.

Advantages of Doing Business in Free Zones

As discussed above, the main advantage of doing business in Dubai’s free zones as an international investor is the right to full ownership. Though this advantage is significant, it is not the only advantage offered.

Some other benefits of doing business in a free zone include:

1. Zero Tax

Free zone businesses and companies enjoy tax-free policies. In other words, if you do business in Dubai’s free zones, you retain more of your profit and benefit from your business to the maximum extent.

2. Trading Locally and Internationally

Dubai is the starting point for your local and international success. How so?

Free zone businesses can trade locally with other free zone areas within the UAE through a local agent or distributor, and they can trade freely internationally. You can benefit from this flexible flow of trade to the maximum extent through the following:

3. Diversification

Dubai’s free zones grant you flexibility in trade and business like no other place.

Your free zone business can set up multiple unrelated business activities under one license, enabling it to grow and expand over new fields and trade in all of them seamlessly. One business success surely leads to another in Dubai’s free zones, especially with the trade flow being local and international.

The opportunity to diversify your business pushes its growth, so be sure to claim it.

The diverse ecosystem created by diversification also drives the growth of free zones in Dubai, and that is one of many reasons it maintains its position as a sought-after business hub by investors from around the globe.

4. Doing Business on Mainland

Since Dubai is dedicated to creating the best system for foreign investors and their business success, it has made recent regulatory changes that allow your free zone business to trade on the mainland by opening a physical office and working with a distribution partner registered in the UAE mainland.

To trade on the mainland, you also need to get a No Objection Certificate from the free zone and an approval from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

However, note that not all free zone businesses can trade on the mainland, and significant fines are imposed on companies that do not comply with regulations.

Benefits of Doing Business in Meydan Free Zone

With all the advantages of free zones for entrepreneurs, entities, and Dubai overall, Meydan Free Zone is an especially ideal location for establishing your business in Dubai. Here’s why:

●     Where is the Meydan free zone’s location?

Meydan free zone has an ideal location, right in the heart of Dubai near downtown Dubai. It is also close to the coveted Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City.

●     What are the benefits of doing business in the Meydan free zone?

1) 100% foreign ownership.

2) Tax-free policies.

3) No currency restrictions.

4) Low-cost setup and renewal structures

●     What features does the Meydan free zone offer?

Meydan free zone is designed to fulfill your business needs while also providing a variety of well-rounded rest and entertainment facilities such as:

1) Comfortable office spaces.

2) A tennis court.

3) The world’s deepest pool – Deep Dive Dubai.

4) Many residential properties.

5) Hospitals and clinics.

6) Retail shops.

7) Nearby to Dubai International Airport.

8) 24/7 access to technical support.

9) High-speed internet connectivity.

●     What is it like residing in the Meydan community?

As a part of Meydan residential properties, Riviera – inspired by the architecture of the French Riviera – by Azizi for real estate development offers an unmatched living experience.

If you choose to reside in Riviera, you will get to enjoy:

1) Modern and stylish architecture.

2) Various mid-rise residential buildings. 

3) Diverse and multicultural community living.

4) Waterfront views.

5) Lush greenery.

6) Swimming pools.

7) Outdoor play areas.

8) Yoga zones.

9) Zen gardens.

10) Cafes and restaurants.

11) Location benefits: Riviera is nearby Al Khail Road, Meydan One

Mall and Meydan Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Downtown Dubai.

If you want your business to grow without any limitations, trade locally and internationally, keep your profits and enjoy many benefits designed to build business success and ease business activities, then doing business in Meydan free zone is the right option. You would also get the best living experience with Azizi’s residential properties in Meydan, such as Riviera.

Do business in the Meydan free zone to thrive and succeed while remaining rested, relaxed, and entertained with Riviera community provided just for you by Azizi.

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