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Dubai Life: A Beach Style Kind of Life

What is Dubai Life Like?

Dubai life has many things in store for you!

Not only is Dubai a leading city in many fields, globally speaking, but it is also an ideal destination for high-quality living.

So, what makes Dubai life so unique and highly sought after?

  1. Great Weather

For eight months of the year, the weather in Dubai is nothing but hot and sunny with cloudless blue skies, making Dubai life perfect for those craving a life with a beach style.

The temperatures in Dubai range from 14 °C in January, the coldest month, to 41 °C in August, the hottest month of the year.

And if there’s no urgent need to go out during heat waves, staying home is better.

2. Excellent Education

If you want to move with your family and children to Dubai, you’ll find many excellent educational institutions that will fulfil their needs.

For instance, many schools in Dubai adhere to the British education system, having the National Curriculum of England taught for primary grades. At the same time, the IGCSE and A-Level qualifications are offered at the senior level.

3. Job Opportunities

Dubai is an international hub for all types of businesses. So, whatever career you want to pursue and whatever job you are looking for, you can surely find it in Dubai.

Dubai life provides you with many opportunities!

4. Diverse Society

Dubai life is unique for its diverse society. It comprises multicultural communities that welcome everyone! No matter where you are from, Dubai has a place for you.

5. High Living Standards

The emirate of Dubai is focused on providing everything its people need and want so they live comfortably and happily. There is no compromise on the high living standards in Dubai.

People living in Dubai have the following:

  • The best educational institutions.
  • Excellent healthcare services.
  • Varying amenities and services to make daily life easier and more convenient.
  • Shopping and dining outlets for a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Many entertainment outlets to boost the fun of life!
6. Beach Lifestyle

Somedays, it may become hard to handle the hot weather in Dubai without cooling down at a beach, and since no summer is complete without fun beach activities, Dubai provides its residents with the best public beaches.

Beach Style With Dubai’s Public Beaches

Since many Dubai beaches are private and associated with luxurious resorts, hotels and residential areas, the government has provided public beaches that welcome everyone.

They are known and unique for the following reasons:

  1. Cleanliness. They are cleaned and groomed daily.
  2. Being man-made. Therefore, they are flat and wide.
  3. Their soft white sand.
  4. Specific days for women and children only.
  5. Basic services: bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.
  6. Lifeguards.
  7. Free public Wi-Fi hot spots.
  8. Shopping and dining outlets.
  9. Beach sports designated areas.

Some of these public beaches are:

  • JBR Open Beach.
  • La Mer Beach.
  • Umm Suqeim Beach.
  • Kite Beach.

However, why visit a public beach if you can live near a private one? Are you looking for beach-style homes? Do you dream of having a beach within easy and quick reach as part of your daily life?

Azizi Developments offer you a wide range of houses and apartments with breathtaking beachfronts. Continue reading for more details!

Dubai Life: Beach Style With Riviera Rêve

Riviera Rêve is Azizi’s newest launch; it offers luxurious and elegant studios and one and 2-bedroom apartments with the beachfront you are dreaming of.

With Riviera Rêve’s beachfront, you’ll wake up to the blues of the sky meeting the blues of the sea, making you feel good and refreshed and not blue at all!

The sound of crashing waves will always be there to soothe and calm you after stressful work days.

Are you feeling down? You can take a walk on the beach. In the mood for something fun? Join others within Riviera Rêve’s community to play some beach sports or swim together. Are you craving a romantic view along with your partner? It is time for a picnic during sunset on the beach!

You will also be blessed with the beachfront view even while working out!

Speaking of which, below are the amenities and services that Riviera Rêve provides:

  • Crystal lagoon.
  • Zen gardens.
  • Infinity pools.
  • Fitness centres.
  • Sports courts.
  • Exclusive valet parking.
  • Automatic car wash service.
  • Premium laundry service.
  • High-end retail shops.
  • Elegant dining places.

All those amenities go hand in hand with Riviera Rêve’s beach to grant you a high quality of life and an unforgettable living experience.

Check Riviera Rêve for more.

Azizi Developments

Even though Riviera Rêve is Azizi’s newest launch, Azizi Developments still provides other varying houses, studios and 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments that have their own beautiful beaches and waterfronts.

All of these have amenities designed for your comfort and convenience, and they are close to the most popular attractions in Dubai city.

With Azizi’s residential properties, their amenities, beaches and location benefits, Dubai life is at its best!

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