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A Comparison Between Real Estate in Dubai vs. Sydney

Dubai and Sydney are two of the top options for investors looking for investment opportunities in vibrant cities. Even though both of them are located in different parts of the world, they share some significant similarities.

Both destinations are known for their cultural diversity, as they comprise different nationalities and backgrounds. They are also major economic hubs for their finance and tourism sectors. They offer a high quality of life, many entertainment outlets, and tourist landmarks. Additionally, the real estate market in each city is highly competitive and sought-after by international investors.

Continue reading this article to discover our real estate Dubai vs. Sydney comparison, so you can learn more about both markets, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

Real Estate in Dubai vs. Sydney: An In-Depth Comparison

Comparing property markets is essential to a successful and rewarding real estate investment. When comparing two or more markets, you gain valuable insights that assist you in planning your investment and managing risks.

Accordingly, below is a detailed comparison of real estate in Dubai vs. Sydney.

●     Property Prices

Sydney’s property market is known for being extremely unaffordable, with very high property prices. This is due to various factors, such as strong property demand and limited supply, in addition to increased competition among buyers because of the market’s international appeal.

The high property prices make it extremely challenging for people in Sydney to purchase property, especially if their income is in the low or average range. These factors, combined with the low interest rates, positioned Sydney’s property market as the second-most unaffordable market globally after Hong Kong.

As for 2024, Sydney’s market is anticipated to have an upward trend in prices, with unit prices and house prices increasing by 23.4% and 15.8%, respectively. This rising trend is expected to continue until June 2026, in addition to unit prices outpacing house prices.

On the other hand, Dubai’s property market is incredibly affordable when compared to Sydney’s. Not only that, but the Emirate also offers a wide range of properties in various areas that fit different budgets. The affordable market and mid-market comprise elegant yet budget-friendly properties in many areas. As for the high-end market, it offers investors endless elegant units and luxury homes in Dubai.

In 2024, Dubai’s property market is expected to grow, but at a slower pace, leading to stabilising prices. However, the high-end market will witness an upward trend in prices, with demand outweighing supply.

●     Supply and Demand

Comparing real estate in Dubai vs. Sydney requires attending to the supply and demand trends in both markets, as they contribute to property prices, competitiveness, rental yields, and more.

Sydney’s market is in high demand, regardless of being highly unaffordable. That said, there is a delicate balance between supply and demand, which can be easily disrupted by any slight changes. It is safe to say that the growing population of Sydney, the immigrant influx, and the various desirable locations easily lead to demand outweighing the limited supply, in turn boosting prices.

As for the property market in Dubai, it is witnessing continued demand that is expected to exceed supply, since only 20,000–30,000 units will be delivered in Dubai this year, compared to double the number in 2023. This trend of demand surpassing supply in Dubai will be most evident in the luxury market, where prices are expected to rise consequently.

●     Investment Opportunities for Rental Yields

Buyers who are purchasing properties for investment purposes rather than personal use are interested in high rental yields. These yields measure the rental income of a certain property in comparison to its value, referring to the return on investment generated from rental income. The higher the yield, the higher its income compared to its cost. In other words, properties with high rental yields are more profitable.

With our comparison of real estate in Dubai vs. Sydney, the latter market presents low rental yields, while the Emirate is unique for the opposite. This is the result of Sydney’s property prices outpacing the rent. Meaning that Sydney’s property prices tend to rise much faster than rentals, leading to lower rental yields. This is why investors in Sydney depend on reselling their property to benefit from the high value appreciation instead of relying on rental yields for passive income or wealth accumulation.

On the other hand, Dubai’s property market offers high rental yields for investors, which is especially due to the tax incentives implemented in the Emirate and the high demand for rentals by tourists and business people. This serves as a huge benefit for those looking for investment opportunities in Dubai’s property market.

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