Dubai vs Cairo Real Estate Trends

Dubai vs. Cairo Real Estate Trends and Beyond

Studying market trends is an integral step to successful and profitable real estate investments. Property market trends refer to the trajectories and directions taking place or expected to happen over a time period in a particular market. These trends typically include fluctuations in property prices, supply and demand, and rental rates.

Investors eyeing two or more real estate markets should explore each market’s trends to make informed decisions. If you are torn between Dubai and Cairo, continue reading to learn more about the comparison of Dubai vs. Cairo real estate trends, so you can plan your property investment according to what suits you best.

Cairo and Dubai’s Real Estate Trends

The following breakdown of Dubai vs. Cairo real estate trends revolves around key points in both markets, and they are as follows:

1.   Property Prices

Learning about trends in property prices helps investors with risk management, so their investment is timed to maximise benefits and reduce risks to the highest degree.

Additionally, comparing trends in prices in two or more locations or markets allows investors to go for the most promising real estate investment opportunities.

For Cairo, property prices have maintained an upward trend over the past few years, regardless of the fluctuations along the way. This trend is due to economic growth, population growth, and urban development, and it is expected to continue in 2024 for various reasons.

Urbanisation, large-scale infrastructure projects, and government policies for encouraging foreign investments, if sustained, are expected to lead to higher demand and increased prices. It is worth noting that only the most developed and sought-after areas in Cairo are likely to experience this trend, in contrast to other less developed areas.

On the other hand, Dubai’s property market is expected to have an upward trend in prices, but at a slower pace. Meaning that there will be growth, but more moderately. This state of achieving stability and easing prices will also be experienced in variation across Dubai because of the varying upcoming supply and other factors.

2.   Property Demand

In our Dubai vs. Cairo real estate trend comparison, property demand is a vital component, as it is crucial for successful investment planning and strategies.

That said, property demand trends provide valuable insights and guidance, as they help investors pick the right investment location and the best investment timing and manage risks.

Cairo is witnessing heightened property demand as urbanisation continues. This is evident with the construction of the New Administrative Capital, Egypt’s new capital, which will be completed in 2024. Destinations like the new capital, areas with tourism potential, and gated communities are gaining traction and driving demand.

On the other hand, Dubai’s property market has grown exponentially in the past few years, leading to the current trend where the market will stabilise and continue to grow, but at a much slower pace.

One of Dubai’s real estate trends in 2024 is demand outweighing supply, as the number of units to be delivered in the current year is 24.000 units, which is only half of the number of finished units in the previous year.

3.   The Rental Market

Investors planning to purchase properties for investment purposes rather than personal use should look into the rental market and its trends. This is especially true because many investors tend to rent out their properties as they hold on to them before eventually reselling the property at a higher price than the initial purchase price, benefiting from value appreciation.

Cairo’s rental market is remaining strong and in high demand due to various factors, including increased urbanisation and population growth. Rental areas near educational institutions and business districts are likely to witness more rental demand than other areas, as more people are seeking better opportunities in various areas of life. That said, rental references lean towards units with workstations and reliable internet connections.

Dubai’s rental market is expected to have an increase in rental rates of about 20% in 2024, most evident in prime areas of the city. This continues the upward trend of last year, as rental rates rose by 23–30%. Rental prices are on the rise as demand on the rental market continues to grow because of many factors. Some of these are the continuous influx of professionals, the various tourist attractions in Dubai, and the city’s increasingly growing appeal for investors and business people.

Now that you have discovered our comparison of Dubai vs. Cairo real estate trends, it is worth mentioning that Dubai offers a wide range of investment opportunities fit for all needs and preferences.

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