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Enjoyable Family Brunches in Dubai for You and the Kids

Families in Dubai enjoy endless entertainment outlets, as the Emirate is home to various theme parks, water activities, museums, cinemas, gaming rooms, and much more. Families have something fun to do around every corner in the city.

That said, there are many enjoyable spots for family brunches in Dubai, whether indoors, outdoors, or overlooking a beach. Continue reading this article to explore the best family brunches in Dubai, their location, food options, and more details.

Brunch With Kids in Dubai: What to Try Next

Brunches serve as the sweet option for many families because they offer an outing in the late morning, striking a balance between early and late hours. Their timing edges towards the afternoon, yet they do not intrude too far into the day, allowing room for further activities later on.

Below are some spots for enjoyable family brunches in Dubai that you should try with your kids:

●     The Scene

This brunch place in Dubai is located at Pier 7, Dubai Marina, in the heart of the Emirate. The ambience is British, with a shabby chic twist to add an extraordinary, modern touch to the traditional English look. With mismatched chairs and big wooden tables, The Scene welcomes families for an entertaining and delicious brunch.

The menu caters to kids and adults, offering universally favourite picks, ideal for brunch time. Parents can get honey barbecue wings, sweet potato hummus, and house guacamole—ideal for sharing—while the mains include double-smashed burgers, pan-fried sea bass, and chip shop fish and chips, among others. The kids’ menu offers their favourite foods, such as mini burgers, pasta, meatballs, and fries.

The Scene entertains your kids with arts and crafts, face painting, and balloon-bending. Meanwhile, you can relax with your spouse and enjoy the stunning views over the Arabian Sea—the perfect scenery to accompany The Scene’s date pudding for dessert.

●     The Green Room

Sitting at the Country Club within the Els Club in Sports City, the Green Room is a top pick for a family brunch in Dubai. It is the place where good times and good food go hand in hand and are inseparable.

The Green Room is vibrant, fun, and dynamic—the perfect spot for socialising with other parents and for your kids to make new friends, as this venue features a retro arcade room and grants access to the Els Club pool.

The menu offers pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and small plates of irresistible flavours, such as Scotch eggs, Buffalo chicken wings, and French onion soup. Mains like seared salmon and fish and chips will extend your stay at the Green Room into the late afternoon—if not for the mains, then surely for the chocolate cake.

●     Mezzerie

Mezzerie is the signature restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Hotel, and it offers the most entertaining, fairy-tale-themed brunch, called the Once Upon a Brunch, every Saturday from 1 to 4 pm.

At this brunch, your kids will meet the princesses and princes—even the villains—that they love to watch. It also offers live entertainment, consisting of magic shows, music performances with talented singers, and upbeat DJ music.

Kids can access the play area or have fun on their designated stage, while older kids have their own play area with oversized games. Parents, on the other hand, can enjoy themselves in the Gin Garden, the designated space for adults.

The food and drinks are entirely themed, adding to the fairy-tale quality of the brunch, and they are presented in buffets, with a buffet fully dedicated to kids. The food ranges from curries and salads to stir-fry dishes and cheese, in addition to many seafood options, including crab, lobster, and mussels—to mention a few. The kids’ buffet is filled with their much-loved foods: nuggets, fries, pasta, and sliders.

Desserts at this family brunch in Dubai are just as good—cake pops, jars of fruity and creamy puddings, Black Forest cake, macarons, and a chocolate fountain.

●     Café Nikki

If you are looking for a spot for a beachfront family brunch in Dubai, Café Nikki is the place for you. Within Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai, Café Nikki is located in Pearl Jumeirah, and it offers brunch every Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m.

It offers live entertainment with a live saxophone, and it grants access to the pool and beach after brunch. As for the food, it will keep you and your family coming back for more—seafood platters, refreshing salads, sushi rolls, and many other options—all served in a sharing style for a better bonding experience.

Weekend Activities in Dubai With Kids

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