Dubai’s Best Residential Areas Close to Kids’ Schools

Families planning to move into new homes usually seek properties located in close proximity to schools to meet the educational needs of their kids. Fortunately, many of Dubai’s best residential areas offer a plethora of schools. While their offered curricula may vary, they all provide a friendly, welcoming, and nurturing environment for students.

Continue reading to learn more about Dubai’s best residential areas, each of which either hosts top schools within them or is conveniently located near schools in neighbouring areas.

Family-Friendly Communities in Dubai

Below is a list of what to expect in family-friendly communities in Dubai:

1.   Safety Measures

Dubai’s best residential areas for families prioritise safety above all, which is why many of them are gated communities and have 24-hour security. Other safety measures may include well-lit streets, proper speed limits, and various signs indicating children at play, among others.

2.   Transportation and Walkability

Transportation and walkability go hand in hand in family-friendly communities in Dubai. On the one hand, walkable areas allow residents to accomplish daily activities by foot, including shopping, going to school, and recreational activities, and they improve families’ well-being.

On the other hand, these areas also have well-connected networks of public transportation, enabling residents to commute to their workplace and destinations outside their living area with ease.

3.   Schools

Dubai’s best residential areas for families have the top schools in the Emirate, which focus on students’ learning and development through curricula and extracurricular activities with the best teachers throughout all grades and levels.

Dubai’s Best Residential Areas for Families

Azizi Developments is a leading real estate developer in Dubai, presenting families with an impressive residential portfolio of apartments located in family-friendly areas to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Azizi apartments for families are unique for their location, as they are situated in neighbourhoods where the best schools in Dubai can be found, and some of these residential destinations are:

1)   Al Furjan Area

Al Furjan is strategically located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and it is one of the top communities for families thanks to its pathways, cycling routes, and recreational amenities.

As for schools, Al Furjan is widely known for The Arbor School, which is the first sustainable school in the UAE. It follows the British National Curriculum and focuses on eco-literacy and sustainability.

That said, Al Furjan is more suitable for families with younger kids or students attending university, as it offers more nurseries and universities than it does schools. Some notable nurseries are the Chubby Cheeks Nursery and the Jebel Ali Village Nursery. As for universities, there are various prestigious options, such as Synergy University.

2)   Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Mohammed Bin Rashid City, also known as MBR, has an ideal location amidst Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Al Khail Road, making it a well-connected neighbourhood to surrounding areas.

It is also close to Business Bay Metro Station and ONPASSIVE Metro Station, which is convenient for residents who depend on public transportation. To add to its family-friendly quality, MBR City is a gated community with green spaces, a public park, and cycling and running tracks.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City is one of Dubai’s best residential areas for kids’ schools as it is home to the following educational institutes: North London Collegiate School Dubai, following the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum until Year 12, and Hartland International School, which follows the UK/IB curriculum.

Another notable option is GEMS Modern Academy, which follows the Indian and IB curriculum and is located 20 minutes away from the area. MBR City is also close to Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), which hosts many leading universities.

3)   Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a luxurious residential destination in Dubai, favoured by families and individuals alike. It is the largest constructed island on the planet, built on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the shape of a palm tree—hence the name.

Considering the huge size of the island, it offers all the amenities that families need, including supermarkets, restaurants, entertainment facilities, clinics, hospitals, and the Palm Monorail, the most used mode of public transportation in the area.

Palm Jumeirah provides families with a number of schools, such as GEMS Wellington International School, the American School of Dubai, and the International School of Choueifat—all located within close proximity to this luxurious destination.

Azizi Developments in Dubai’s Best Residential Areas

Azizi Developments is a leading and innovative real estate developer in Dubai that offers families a wide variety of apartments in family-friendly communities in the Emirate, such as the ones mentioned above—Al Furjan, MBR City, and Palm Jumeirah. Discover Azizi Developments now to explore more residential units in other family-friendly areas in Dubai.

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