Things to Know Before Buying Property in Dubai: Hotel Apartments vs. Residential Flats

Buying property in Dubai is an attractive option for many individuals and investors, as the Emirate is known for its investment-friendly regulations, its luxurious residential properties, and the best real estate developers. 

There are many things to know before buying property in Dubai; continue reading this article to discover them and explore the ultimate Dubai real estate comparison between hotel apartments and residential flats in Dubai. 

Things to Know Before Buying Property in Dubai: What to Consider

Here is a checklist of all the things to know before buying property in Dubai: 

  1. The Goal 

You must get clear on why you want to invest in property in Dubai. Is it for personal use? Or is it a long-term investment plan? Do you want to re-sell the property after a few years of appreciation? Determine your end goal of the property investment, so you know how to move forward. 

  1. Budget 

Dubai has many residential options, suitable for all budgets. However, deciding on a budget will help you eliminate certain options quickly, making your hunt for the perfect house or apartment much easier. Also, decide whether you want to buy or rent, which can be determined by your budget and end goal. 

Discover any additional fees you must pay other than the property cost, such as the transfer costs and registration fees. This way, you will avoid surprises along the purchasing process. 

  1. Location 

Of all the things to know before buying property in Dubai, determining the location of your future home or investment is essential. That said, if you are a foreign investor, you can purchase property in the Emirate only in freehold areas, which are decided by the government, and some of them are Al Furjan, Dubai Studio City, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Sports City

Consider your profession when choosing the location, as some areas are dedicated towards specific professions and industries. As such, Dubai Studio City is focused on the entertainment sector, while Dubai Sports City attracts sports enthusiasts. 

  1. Personal Preferences

You should consider your lifestyle and personal preferences. Do you like a serene environment away from the bustle of the city? Or do you want to live near your workplace? Maybe you want an apartment or villa with a beachfront, a property surrounded by stunning greenery, or a property near certain attractions. 

  1. The Process 

Working with a licensed broker will help you immensely during your search for property and the purchase process. And even though it is recommended to work with a broker, you should research the process yourself. 

So, familiarise yourself with the fees you need to pay, the property transfer process, and mortgages in case that’s how you want to finance your purchase.

  1. Property Type 

One of the most important things to know before buying property in Dubai is the type of property most suitable for you. Read below the real estate comparison between hotel apartments and residential flats in Dubai. 

Hotel Apartments and Residential Flats in Dubai 

What may seem like the best residential option for many may not be ideal for you. So, it is important to discover the pros and cons of each residential option to make the right decision. 

When it comes to residential flats, many are unfurnished, allowing you to customise them to your taste. Their cost varies depending on the cost of monthly utilities and property location, meaning you can easily find an affordable flat. Residential flats also offer many options, such as studios and 1-2-3 bedroom apartments, fulfilling all needs. 

The cons of residential flats in Dubai include paying for maintenance and utilities, such as Wi-Fi, TV subscriptions, and the chiller. Moreover, you pay certain fees in addition to the upfront costs when renting a flat for the first time, including agency fees, chiller activation, and even a few months’ rent in advance.

On the other hand, hotel apartments offer all the amenities you need, and they provide other advantages, such as furniture, housekeeping, swimming pools, valet parking, and free access to hotel amenities. As for utility costs, they are included in your stay fee. 

If you are interested in hotel apartments in Dubai, keep in mind that their prices vary from month to month, depending on the time of the year, festivals, and more. However, you can avoid this dilemma by signing a year lease. Unlike flats, you cannot change or alter the interior design of your hotel apartment. 

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