dubai driving licence tips

Dubai Driving Licence Tips & Insights You Can’t Miss

Dubai is known for its incredible road connectivity and world-class public transportation, including buses, metro, and the tram. However, getting a driving licence increases your mobility and eases your daily life, especially in a fast-paced and busy city like Dubai. 

Read on in this article to find Dubai driving licence tips that will help you pass the test on the first attempt. But first, let’s discover who is eligible to get a Dubai driving licence. 

Insights on Dubai Driving Licence

Before getting into the Dubai driving licence tips, have a look at the following relative insights – including driving eligibility, how to apply for the test, and more. 

  • Are You Eligible for a Driving Licence?

It is worth mentioning that the UAE government takes the driving test seriously, giving licences only to responsible drivers to maintain road safety. In other words, strict regulations apply to driving eligibility, the driving test assessment, and driving rules.

According to The United Arab Emirates’ Government portal, you must meet the following age requirements to be eligible for a licence: 

  • 17 years for motorcycles and vehicles for people with special needs
  • 18 years for cars and light vehicles
  • 20 years for heavy vehicles and tractors
  • 21 years for buses