Azizi Developments doubles down on its sustainability efforts

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Azizi Developments doubles down on its sustainability efforts
Azizi Developments doubles down on its sustainability efforts

Dubai, UAE, 10 June 2021: Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, has announced plans to advance its sustainability efforts in congruity with the UAE government’s overarching sustainability agendas. 

In line with the UAE 2030 agenda, as well as the UAE Vision 2021 national agenda that promotes an inclusive environment, Azizi Developments’ economic pillar emphasises the creation of a sustainable economy that grants residents cost effectiveness and high-quality, long-lasting buildings. The residents of Azizi Developments’ projects save on capital costs through reduced construction prices as a result of the recycled and sustainable materials being used, as well as on operational costs through discounted utility and maintenance charges, resulting from its water conservation and energy-efficient efforts.

On the energy consumption front, Azizi Developments plans to implement more than 50 per cent of its glass due north to reduce the heat loss from buildings. The developer will also use below U values across it’s projects in Dubai to enhance the building envelope performance, which in turn will increase the thermal comfort and reduce the cooling load requirements. Moreover, high-performance glass with 1.9W/m2.k U-value and a 0.25 shading coefficient is used as part of its sustainability efforts.

Mr Mohamed Ragheb Hussein, Chief Development Officer, said, “We define sustainability as an irrefutable, all-defining prerequisite for the future – it is not a mere consideration in our designs, but a key determining factor in where, what and how we build, across every single stage in the development cycle. Neither is it just about preserving the environment by leaving a smaller footprint and ensuring that we, as a human civilization, co-exist well with the earth’s biosphere – rather, sustainability is about us meeting our needs as efficiently as possible without compromising on the ability of subsequent generations to meet theirs. As such, to us, sustainability entails developing quality, efficient homes that are built to last – homes that are developed in coherence with their environment.”

For roofs, Azizi Developments’ projects feature U= 0.3 W/m2K while the external walls are U= 0.42 W/m2K, both meeting the golden category in Dubai Municipality. 

The developer’s projects are kept slightly pressurised to eliminate exfiltration, and high-efficiency air filters (MERV 13) are used to enhance the indoor air quality. The units and the overall complexes are designed to meet the highest ventilation requirements. Moreover, an energy-recovery system with heat pipes is used, reducing almost 40 per cent of the energy consumption of fresh-air treatment requirements.