Azizi Developments enhances sustainable efficiency & effectiveness

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Azizi Developments enhances sustainable efficiency & effectiveness
Azizi Developments enhances sustainable efficiency & effectiveness

  • The developer has added further improvements to its sustainability best practices

Dubai, UAE, 21 June 2021: Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, is further bolstering its construction and building efficiency and effectiveness for a more sustainable future. 

The developer embraces sustainable practices in its day-to-day operations and projects, including the installation of high-efficiency motors and VFD systems for water chillers, which reduce power consumption by up to 20% compared to traditional systems. 

Moreover, Azizi uses now only high-efficiency motors and compressors for its chillers, which reduce power consumption by more than 10% compared to standard efficiency chillers that are commonly used.

Azizi’s lift cars have drivers that are VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency), regenerative drivers and LED lighting, effectively reducing energy consumption after a period of inactivity in excess of five minutes, in accordance with ISO/DIS 25745-1. Car fans are only operational when temperatures are more than 25 degrees Celsius. 

Next to recycled raw materials for its building supplies, the developer also sources high-quality locally produced materials, meeting and even surpassing the 10% golden standard of Dubai Municipality’s green buildings.  

Mohamed Ragheb Hussein, Chief Development Officer at Azizi Developments, said: “Implementing best practices in sustainability is an ongoing mission that we will never cease to pursue, and that is reflected in all of our projects, which not only preserve our valued environment, but, as a result, are built to last much longer than most other buildings. From the materials that we source, to where and how we build our projects, all the way to new technologies being applied – we develop our homes in cohesion with the UAE’s environment, safeguarding their condition for generations to come.”

Sustainability is one of our core commitments that is reflected on all our projects, with environmental considerations being integrated wherever possible. We are continuously looking for new ways to contribute to the environmental friendliness of this emirate, which we consider our home, and to play our part in moving towards a healthy, sustainable ecosystem, all while meeting our customers’ wants and needs in their pursuit of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.”
As an avid supporter of sustainability, Azizi Developments consistently pushes all its stakeholders to be involved, in line with Dubai’s environmental initiatives, and educates them on how to reduce consumption and contribute to the preservation of the environment by adjusting their practices.