Azizi Developments enhances IT cost efficiency to gear up for post-pandemic growth

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Azizi Developments enhances IT cost efficiency to gear up for post-pandemic growth
Azizi Developments enhances IT cost efficiency to gear up for post-pandemic growth

Dubai, UAE, 9 June 2020: Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, is optimising its IT costs, effectively reducing spending amid the current global situation and delivering more value to its customers with greater efficiency.

Setting a new paradigm for operational excellence by leveraging its IT Transformation programme, which is part of its Digital Business Transformation, the developer is enriching its customer experiences and taking concrete steps to ensure optimal value from its newly introduced IT-enabled initiatives, services and assets, all while minimising risk.

As of May 2020, Azizi has achieved over 47% of hard savings and an IT cost adherence of 0.92%, with the industry average lying at 1.5%. The developer has also reduced its IT costs per employee from USD 2,831 to USD 2,051. Its pursuit of Excellence of Things (EoT), part of Azizi’s IT Transformation which entails the cost-effective delivery of solutions, is one of the key factors leading to achieving these KPIs.
Dr. Syed Mahsud Ali, Chief Information Officer at Azizi Developments, said: “Optimising our IT costs is an important step in delivering more value to our treasured customers. The more fine-tuned our operational cost efficiency is, the more we can allocate to generating value for those who invest with us.”

“CIOs have to establish their own equation of IT cost optimisation based on their organisational context and research. CIOs may need to go to component level analysis, alternative technology analysis, and alternative sourcing, as and when the need arises. IT transformations are not merely modernisations – rather, these processes begin in business strategy implementation that improves customer satisfaction and familiarity, increases IT agility, IT time-to-value and business engagement, reduces processing time and time-to-market, and enhances employee’s capabilities and skillsets. We are proud to have a very digitally adept management team that enables and fosters innovation and digital thinking”, he added.

Gartner has recently forecasted a decline of 8% in global IT costs in 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic. The current global situation is presenting many challenges, pushing many CIOs towards opting for one-time cost reductions such as layoffs, pay cuts, or benefit reductions. A better path, which Azizi has chosen, is to embark on continual cost optimisation by revaluating IT investments and balancing risks versus IT value. 

Azizi is now vigilantly evaluating other critical success factors for its IT Transformation programme, such as the business’ requirements, comprising BAU operations, projected growth and SLAs, and its current technical stack, including applications, infrastructure, and interdependencies. Moreover, the developer is assessing its futuristic technical solutions, including its stack, interoperability and manageability with the existing stack, as well as its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Benefit reviews associated with the programme are key in its digital journey as well, along with the evaluation of associated risks, such as business disruptions due to migrations and transitions. Azizi is also overhauling its implementation and change management, with a heightened focus on people, processes, technology.