Azizi Developments launches Azizi Learning

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Azizi Developments launches Azizi Learning
Azizi Developments launches Azizi Learning

  • The developer has inaugurated its dedicated training centre in Dubai in an effort to develop the knowledge and expertise of its staff and stakeholders

Dubai, 12 July 2021: Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, has launched Azizi Learning, it’s new training centre in the Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. With its recently opened auditorium capable of fitting over 200 attendees, and Mr Kishor Sadarangani having been appointed as its new Head of Training to lead the newly hired Azizi Learning team of over 8 professionals, the developer is now hosting regular training sessions to advance the knowledge and expertise of its various departments, including its Sales and Customer Service teams, as well as that of its external stakeholders, such as of its channel partners. 

Weekly sessions are now being held in the training centre, ensuring that all of its staff and brokerage partners are on top of the latest real estate trends, have the knowledge to properly educate and service investors, adhere to global industry best practices, and enhance their overall professionalism. 

Azizi Developments’ new Head of Training, Mr Kishor Sadarangani, commented: “Training is absolutely vital to any industry – and especially to ours. The real estate landscape is a rapidly changing one, and our property consultants, as well as all of our customer-centric staff, can only service our clients properly if they are properly qualified, coached and well informed. Azizi Learning, our new training centre, is there to serve exactly that purpose. We now look forward to a complete overhaul in our consultation efforts and customer service standards, with us now having embarked on building a next-gen force of astute experts who will be able to guide investors the best way possible.” 

Mr Kishor Sadarangani brings with him over two decades of strategic sales, customer service and training experience, having worked for a plethora of multinational industry verticals. He will lead a newly hired team of 8 training specialists, with more positions to be recruited in coming months. 

Training is now also provided all year round to other departments, with Azizi placing a strong emphasis on career development and progression. 

The developer has long been an avid supporter of educational initiatives, being a long-standing sponsor of charitable causes such as the Rashid Centre for the Determined Ones, and having founded the American University of Afghanistan, among others.