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Azizi Developments puts its residents first through community management provider VCM

  • VCM plans to achieve better insurance coverage, partner with leading recycling organisations to reduce waste, generate additional income to lower service charges, initiate corporate partnerships with special offers, and automate processes through a new software system.

Dubai, UAE, November 7, 2019: Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, underlines its commitment to the well-being of its residents through the hiring of VCM, a community management provider that is implementing concrete steps to enhance the lives of those residing in Azizi’s communities.

Commenting on this new partnership, Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said “We keep our customers at the very forefront of all of our decisions. They are the very core of our business and the reason Azizi Developments is what it is today. This entails not only making sure that their purchasing experience with us is outstanding, but also ensuring that their properties are differentiated, investor friendly and well-managed. Through the innovative efforts of VCM, we are looking forward to making their everyday lives more convenient, pleasant and affordable.”

Jawad Hussain, Head of the Owners’ Association at VCM, said “We are honoured to play a pivotal role in Azizi Developments’ journey towards customer centricity and are keen to introduce innovative concepts to its communities.”

As part of its core responsibilities, the community manager, together with the interim board of the owners’ association, is exploring ways to generate further income for Azizi’s communities, such as through leasing space, advertisement space, and exclusive distribution and contract rights, in an effort to reduce service charges. In addition, VCM strives to reduce the costs of service providers while increasing their scope of work.

Among the initiatives, VCM is also achieving better coverage through its insurance partners, covering aspects of residents’ day-to-day lives that other community management providers usually don’t delve into, such as through comprehensive content and home insurance policies.

Moreover, VCM is finalising contracts with leading governmental recycling organisations, in line with Dubai’s sustainability initiatives, and educating stakeholders on how to reduce waste and contribute to the preservation of the environment through organised educational sessions. It plans to place contemporary, well-designed recycling bins in Azizi’s lobbies, as well as cages in open areas to collect recyclable paper waste, among other initiatives. 

As part of Azizi’s mandate for the community manager, VCM is also exploring ways in which the communities’ processes can be automated, effectively enhancing levels of convenience, transparency and accountability. Azizi is an avid supporter of innovative automation systems, highlighting that these can eliminate the barriers between owners, occupants, service providers and community management. VCM has recently deployed a new renowned software system, specifically for Azizi’s communities, for this purpose.

Furthermore, VCM has been tasked to initiate corporate partnerships with major organisations, such as Warner Bros World, Lapita Hotel and Dubai Parks, that would grant Azizi’s residents special offers and promotions. The firm is also working with third party entities to organise events for the developer’s communities.